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Hi, I am Dr Nada,

I am surgical registrar in University Hospitals of Sussex in Brighton and also a GP registrar in Swindon. I specialise in Aesthetics Medicine, having a strong lengthy surgical background I assure you that you will be in experienced safe hands. As a medical professional, my priority is your safety and satisfaction. I provide a wide range of aesthetic treatments including anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers. I believe that less is more and I strive for perfection. I am committed to taking time to ensure your understanding of the entire procedure and everything it entails as well as address your concerns before giving any treatment.

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Feel Good !

Multiple studies have found that post-treatment, patients report greater well-being. For example, a recent prospective study found that non-surgical aesthetic procedures resulted in improvement of self-esteem and reported quality of life through questionnaires even after 6 months of having the treatment. Moderation is Key in aesthetic treatments. With Dr Glow, we will help guide you to choose the best and most suitable treatment for you in order to achieve the perfect result and more importantly look very natural.

About Ageing ..

When it comes to ageing, fine lines appear first then over time wrinkles, a loss of volume and a loss of density become noticeable. The ageing pattern is described as a change in the balance of facial proportions. A youthful face represents the point in time when skeletal proportions are ideal for their soft tissues overlying. The lower face diameter begins to widen as mid facial tissues start to drop and with cheekbones and jaw bone resorption, changing the face from a youthful ‘V-shape’ into a squarer appearance.

"Whatever makes you feel the sun from inside out.
Chase that."

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