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If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or under the age of 18 years, aesthetic procedures listed below cannot be carried out.

During the consultation, the doctor will ask you many questions regarding your general health to ensure it is safe to carry out the procedure desired.

Everything around the procedure as well as aftercare will be fully explained to you before any treatment is carried out.

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Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Lines and wrinkles bothering you ?

These injections are used for many medical procedures for conditions like Migraines, cervical dystonia, overactive bladder, crossed eyes and many others as well as for cosmetic purposes.

Once injected into the muscle, it causes temporary muscle relaxation thus preventing muscular contraction and reduces or even diminishes wrinkles and hence creates the desired cosmetic effects. With time, the injected muscle regains its strength and hence the '' wearing off effect ''.

Dermal Filler 

Restore your natural youthful look !

Dermal Fillers are '' gel-like " synthetic material made up of Hyaluronic acid ( a natural biodegradable component of our own skin that can be synthesised ). Hyaluronic acid contributes to tissue hydration, regulation of cell nutrition, wound repair and regeneration, fibroblast proliferation and hence collagen production providing support to dermal collagen and elastin.

Dermal fillers can restore and revolumise skin and facial contours to form a more youthful appearance. They can also smooth the lines and wrinkles, firm key facial structures and define the shape of certain structures such as cheeks, lips, jawline and chin. Static lines and volume loss are best treated with dermal fillers.


Excessive Sweating

Sweaty armpits all year round ?

Hyperhydrosis is a common condition where a person abnormally sweats excessively. It can affect the whole body or more commonly certain parts of the body such as palms, feet and most commonly armpits.

Antiwrinkle injection is licensed in the UK for treating localised hyperhidrosis of the armpits. Small doses are injected into the skin blocking nerve supply to the apocrine sweat glands and preventing the glands from producing sweat. This doesn’t cure hyperhyirosis but provides temporary effect and it is advisable to be repeated every five to six months for maximum effect.

Non Surgical / Nefertiti Neck lift

Neck wrinkles, creases and bands ?

Turkey neck or platysmas bands occur as a result of  the contraction of the platysma, a thin sheet of rudimentary muscle that lies underneath the skin. When the platysma contracts, it creates vertical bands on the sides of the neck. 

Platysmal bands is part of the natural ageing process which contribute to sagging, double chin and neck creases all of which can be a cosmetic concern for some.

Antiwrinkle injection for platysmas bands is widely accepted, generally safe and painless. It works by temporarily relaxing the platysma and therefore reduce  the appearance of platysmas bands and create a Neck lift effect. Like all anti wrinkle treatments, it is advisable to have the treatments repeated periodically to maintain effects.

Hand Rejuvenation- Radiesse

Prominent tendons and hand bones ?

Intrinsic ageing of the hands is characterised by loss of skin elasticity and atrophy of the subcutaneous tissue. Thus, veins, tendons and bony structures become apparent.

Among the available procedures, intrinsic ageing of the hands is best improved by restoring the volume of soft tissue. Volume restoration can be achieved by injecting long-lasting dermal fillers.

Like other fillers, hand filler not only revolumizes the areas of volume loss, but also enhances the overall quality and appearance of the skin to give you a much more youthful appearance of your hands.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty

15 Minute Nose Job !

The nose is composed of a bony part and a cartilage part. Often the two lines might not be perfectly aligned, tip of nose might point downwards or the shape of nose can be generally undesirable.

In old days, surgical correction was the only way to address this problem, however in recent years, non-surgical rhinoplasty is becoming one of the most sought aesthetic procedures. With the right amount of filler administered in the right spots, the shape of nose can change dramatically !

This is an excellent, safe and affordable option for people who want to change the shape of their nose without the risks and downtime of surgery. 

A very large nose of hump is more likely to have better results with surgery however, shape can be improved. 


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